Currently, the technology education industry is an $8 billion+ per year market. Public schools spend more than $3 Billion a year on technology in their classrooms. There is at least 1 computer for every 5 American students, and nearly 80% of high schools (grades 9-12) support tablet and mobile devices in the classroom as a learning aid. For all children in grades K – 12, approximately 55% have tablets with some sort of educational applications installed.

The numbers are even greater for students in public and private colleges/ universities. More than 77% of college students use their own tablet or laptop every single day for schoolwork. There are over 7 million students in the U.S. enrolled in at least 1 entirely online course. There are over 602 accredited schools that offer over 24,000 degree options entirely over the internet. Let’s get this straight. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, there’s expected to be over 20 million college students in America this year, and it’s safe to say that they’ll all need access to some sort of personal computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Many see these technological advances in (especially) schools as an unnecessary luxury or another waste of money. However, as modern businesses become more and more integrated into the digital world; it’s easy to see the importance of exposing children and young adults to computer based learning. Because as our businesses and schools advance, we (and our children) inevitably become increasingly surrounded by electronics.

Still not convinced that technology WILL take over America’s private and public school systems?

Technology based learning is also a great way to target individual learning styles and allows each child to flourish in their own ways. Because this method opens up different ways to learn the same topic, this better prepares students to fit themselves into their desired future career paths. There’s also a sizable increase of voluntary engagement in a digital learning platform. Today’s students love technology so they are sure to be interested in learning if they can use the tools they already enjoy. Digital textbooks never go out of date either, as they are constantly updated. This is beneficial to schools and students, eliminating the need to always order new and bulky paper books. 92 percent of teachers said they have greater access to educational content, resources, and material due to the Internet. And this number is only rising.


Because of the apparent need in technology for our students, we have decided to help out.

Ace Communications understands that in order to have a healthy future, we need to take action today. We want to show our support for students working to make our communities better. We see the rising importance in providing quality electronics for all students – regardless of their age, what grades they earn, or what kind of life they plan on pursuing after their schooling.

To help students of all backgrounds out, Ace Communications is offering $20 off of all repairs and device purchases with a valid 2016 student id or other proof of enrollment through the end of September. Also, with proof of enrollment we’ll be offering an extra 20% on all trade ins. If you’re looking to upgrade your devices before the 2016/17 school year starts then this is the perfect time to stop by one of our locations and make a sound investment in your own future.