New Season, New Reasons You’ll Need Us

The sun is finally beginning to stay around longer and longer. However, just because the weather is getting a little nicer, does not mean your problems as a cell phone user are over. In fact, for many, the amount of things that can go wrong are only growing in size.

For starters, outside each Ace Communication location, there is one common seasonal theme: puddles. They are everywhere. There’s a good chance there’s one outside the door, waiting for you to leave wherever you’re at right now. Just lurking, lingering, anticipating the moment you walk by without noticing. That’s when the innocent puddle becomes your worst enemy. Once you’ve blindly stumbled across one. Now you’ve ruined your sock, your shoe, and maybe even your phone!

Yes, phones have a way of finding puddles as well. They have a way of getting just as wet as a shoe or pant leg too. The unfortunate thing is they don’t dry out as well. There’s a good chance you’ll be finding yourself by more and more water as the temperatures begin to rise. But no matter how close you get, you don’t want your electronics getting familiar!

Sure, new technology is allowing factory phones to be nearly unaffected by water. The new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge are officially said to be waterproof “up to 30 minutes in 5 feet of water”. Even the iPhone 6 family (which has no claims of being waterproof) have been told to survive being fully submerged in water. However, no matter how “water resistant” your device is, liquids always become a problem with prolonged exposure.

Thankfully for you and your existence into the Spring and Summer of 2016, Ace Communications is West Michigan’s leader in reparation and data recovery of water damaged electronics. We’re lucky enough to have state of the art machinery, and knowledgable enough to have the skill required to use it effectively. We’ve recovered more data, rescued more “unfixable” devices, and saved our customers more money than anybodyelse in the area. Just another way we’re using our intellect and our technology to excel as leaders in the electronic service industry.

So remember, if your device comes in contact with a little more water than expected, Ace Communications is here to dry your tears, then your phone.