As the air temperature and the movies on TV begin to send more and more chills down our spines, we are reminded that Halloween is quickly approaching us. Houses are decorated scarier than usual, children (and some adults!) are debating about what to dress up as, college students are waiting to get their mid term grades back – It’s the scariest time of the year!  Around every corner there are ghosts, goblins, and ghouls waiting to jump out and scare us. But the thing that’s worrying us more and more is, “How are we going to stay safe this holiday weekend?”.

Luckily, Ace Communications wants to take some of the fear out of the 31st. (Not too much, of course!) S0 we’ve put together a few tips to controlling the spook level with nothing more than the phone in your pocket.

   Find Friends: Yes, we’d suggest going out in groups, but we’re not talking about trick or treating alone! Find Friends is an system application pre-downloaded on Apple devices with iOS 8. This application allows you to add other iCloud accounts, and see their location whenever. Adding your friends and family may be a good idea to insure a trusted person can keep an eye on where you’re at. Say goodbye to the annoying “Where are you?” texts from your mom!

   Familo: For non iOS users, we’d suggest an App called Familo. There are multiple apps on the Play Store similar to Find Friends, but Familo is clean and easy to use. The best part, you can request to follow anybody with a phone number. No need to create new accounts and forget your passwords! This let’s users in your circle see wherever you are regardless of their operating system. This is, assuming, you keep your device on you. But let’s be honest, we know you do!

   Maps: Even if you plan on using a GPS application to keep an eye on your trick-or-treaters, it’s handy to have a route planned out on your phone that parents and kids agree on. All newer smartphones come with some sort of maps application, regardless of operating system. Dropping and sharing “pins” across devices are a useful way to make sure everybody knows where meeting points are. Identify landmarks from aerial or street view, and clearly communicate the places you’ll be traveling on your way to collect candy.

   Mobile Flashlights: The iPhone screen can be swept up from the bottom to reveal the flashlight icon, all the way in the bottom left corner. Clicking this will turn the phone’s flash on, revealing a bright LED light that stays lit. Androids operating with the “Google Now” function have made it even easier. Since finding the flashlight varies from model to model, simply bring up the Google Now option and say, “Flashlight On”. Again, the cameras flash will light up, and get you out of whatever darkness you’re stuck in!

   Carry a Mobile Battery Pack: No matter which phone you have, or what your battery is rated for, they die. Usually, it’s way earlier than we, or our percentage level assumes. For this reason, we suggest carrying a wireless charger with you. Usually about the size of your phone or smaller, these handy little devices can charge your phone back to 100% without having to be plugged into the wall. They’re becoming more and more affordable, as well. Regardless, it’s a small investment for not becoming lost in the middle of a haunted house with no phone!

   Protect Your Phone: We know that with the treats, come the tricks. When you’re running down the street, there’s a good chance your phone will fall out of your pocket, making you the butt end of the joke. Just make sure you’ve got your device fully protected BEFORE you have to run away from your neighbors! Of course, a thick protective course is your number 1 line of defense. Another thing we recommend is getting a sheet of tempered glass over your screen. Recently, tempered glass has became very affordable and available to properly fit every device. These glass screen protectors won’t affect your touch, and will break before your screen in the case of a fall.

   Keeping Your Device Accessible: This may sound obvious, but keep your phone’s volume up, and make sure it’s somewhere you can hear it! We know you’re going to have killer costumes this year, but make sure they don’t limit your access to reach your device incase of a call or an emergency. What are we talking about, we know you’ll have your device close by the whole time; you can’t afford to miss that many selfie opportunities!

Halloween is a good time to get out, have fun, and get some free candy out of the deal. Ace Communications wants to make sure you stay safe, so you can go out again next year! (And, take advantage of all the candy sales starting in November!) So stop by, and let us help you out. We’re full of treats, and that’s no trick!