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  1. Controlling the Scariness this Halloween

    As the air temperature and the movies on TV begin to send more and more chills down our spines, we are reminded that Halloween is quickly approaching us. Houses are decorated scarier than usual, chi…Read More

  2. Making Back to School a Little Easier

    Currently, the technology education industry is an $8 billion+ per year market. Public schools spend more than $3 Billion a year on technology in their classrooms. There is at least 1 computer for eve…Read More

  3. Modern Necessities

    For too long the smartphone has been considered a luxury. Something reserved for the wealthy who can afford a pleasurable amenity. They have been considered expensive toys, used for pleasure and noth…Read More

  4. Taking Losses to Help Our Customers

    At Ace Communications, we have always prided ourselves on excellent customer service. In a business that often brings so much stress for those shopping, we've gained a positive reputation as being hel…Read More

  5. Drying more than your tears.

    New Season, New Reasons You'll Need Us The sun is finally beginning to stay around longer and longer. However, just because the weather is getting a little nicer, does not mean your problems as a cell…Read More

  6. New Products / Local Collaboration

    We've recently started carrying a new product that we're really excited about.The popularity of tempered glass has skyrocketed in the past year. Thousands of companies offer screen protective solution…Read More