At Ace Communications, we have always prided ourselves on excellent customer service. In a business that often brings so much stress for those shopping, we’ve gained a positive reputation as being helpful, honest, and fully explanatory with our process. There’s too much scamming and dishonesty in the electronic service industry but we’re proud to say we’ve never been a part of that, and our customers would agree!

But with honesty and helpfulness we take a loss.

Many have become aware that we’ve been covering the 6% sales tax on all in-store bill payments out of our own pockets. $2-$4 at a time doesn’t seem like a lot, but it adds up quickly when we handle hundreds of bill payments every week. It’s something we’ve done as a gift for our customers, to thank them for their service and for shopping with us. We’ve never minded doing it, as our customers mean everything to us, but financially we can not afford to do so anymore. There’s no change to individual service plans or rates, but unfortunately, the sales tax must now be a responsibility of the bill payer.

We also take a financial loss on many repairs. Our honesty and fairness when it comes to dealing with our customers devices has often come as a fiscal burden to ourselves. A majority of other shops wouldn’t be willing to help their customers while losing their own money, many wouldn’t even help their customers if it didn’t promise a substantial profit. Not only do we beat all other local prices, offer a free warrantee, free diagnosis, and no charge for unsuccessful repairs; Ace Communications will also not continue with a repair if we realize it has been misdiagnosed. (There have been many instances where an entire charge port repair turns into simply removing some dust, where we do so with no charge to the owner.)

We admit, this is the absolute worst business tactic on ourselves; however, our integrity for being an honest franchise is stronger than our urge to get rich quick and take advantage of our customers. Because of this, Ace Communications will always be a place where you can feel confident you’re getting a quality service at a genuine price. Don’t believe us? Take your device anywhere else and see how differently you’re treated.

With electronic repairs becoming increasingly difficult and expensive, we want you to feel comfortable that Ace Communications will always be your go to for straight forward service. If there’s ever any doubt in your mind about what we’re doing, talk to us. An employee will be more than happy to discuss your device and how we’re handling it. Ace Communications will always charge the lowest price on repairs, offer the highest trade in values, hire the most knowledgable technicians, sell the highest quality accessories, and employ the most respectful associates. All because we would never be where we are without the loyalty of our customers, and we would never grow if you didn’t allow us to.