For too long the smartphone has been considered a luxury. Something reserved for the wealthy who can afford a pleasurable amenity. They have been considered expensive toys, used for pleasure and nothing more. The common misconception is that their cost out weighs their utility, and that they’re a ridiculously small and pricey gaming platform. Now, 16 years after the release of the first smartphone (running Symbian OS), this mindset towards cellular practicality continues. We think it’s time for that to change.

At Ace Communications, we view the modern smart phone as a necessity. We understand that there are many more features to a LG G5 than taking great pictures. We’ve learned that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s massive screen is great for a lot more than watching endless YouTube videos. We know that the Apple iPhones 6s+ has an A9 chipset, and that its Dual-core 1.84 GHz Twister processor can handle a lot more than playing a few games.

Yes when you work with mobile phones for your whole life, you inevitably learn a lot about them.

When daily work turns into a passion, this passion begins to influence the way we view our craft. Even just every day “busy work” becomes an opportunity to spread our love of what we do. That’s why over the past 6+ years, mobile phones have become a staple in our lifestyle.

We manage our business and communicate with employees off of our smartphones. We accept payments from customers and order stock easily with built in mobile apps. When there are repair questions from other stores, we FaceTime their location and collaboratively work on the problem in real time. The music playing in our stores, all played off of a mobile device. We take pictures of what we’re doing and show customers in order to let them better understand what we were doing to their devices. When the workplace is slow, we keep up moral by sending humorous pictures and sharing stories in a group text. We manage our social media sites, and keep fans entertained and informed on all of our favorite social apps. We even have our favorite restaurants on speed dial, and order pizza for lunch at the push of a button!

With all of these practical every day uses our phones offer us, we wonder why people disregard them as toys.
The way we see it, everybody should have these devices at their disposal at any time. That’s why we’re doing our part and raising awareness of their importance. We’re offering our expertise in repairing and upgrading devices for people who rely on them. We give you the best trade in value for your device, and offer affordable preowned devices. We work hard to keep our service costs as low as possible by beating all competitor pricing.

    Our goal at Ace Communications, is to equip you with electronic devices that are going to allow you to perform more efficiently and enjoyably. 

More than a luxury. More than a novelty. More than a convenience. In our day and age, smartphones are becoming more and more of a necessity. Stop in today, and talk to an associate to see how we can help you stay with (or ahead) of the times!